The Telenovelas
The Telenovelas

Hi! We’re a band from Copenhagen called The Telenovelas. Thank you for checking out our website. The Internet was meant for something more than social media – don’t you think? You might find a nice picture, watch a great video, find a link to our music or read something that makes you smile.

We’re an old band yet newborn. In 2017 we will release our debut album ‘Winona, forever’ and we can’t wait to share with you, what we have been working on for the last two to three years of our lives. If you decide to listen to our music, you will be struck by something as old fashioned as powerpop songs played with guitars, bass, drums and passion.

Winona, forever

'Winona, forever' is the title of our debut album. Two years ago we crawled into a cave and disappeared. When we returned to the outside world nothing looked the same anymore, but we had Winona by our side. ‘Winona, forever’ is a record about mules, ex-girlfriends, cassettes, ventriloquists and other things we wish we understood.

'Winona, forever' will be out in the beginning of 2017.

cerial killer

Our second single is called ’Cereal Killer’. Put on your finest Sunday suit and pull the curtains.

But don’t forget to get a lot of Cheerios.

--> Go watch the music video right here <--

Future echoes

‘Future echoes’ is our first single from ‘Winona, forever’. A song about the situations where we are under so much pressure, that we are inclined to experience a glimpse of something supernatural. It’s about a lot of other stuff, but we don’t want to give the whole thing away. Listen to it and find out yourself.

--> You can also check out the video right here <--

future echoes
to the water
window winona
window lights
carl juul nielsen
Winona, forever

"Winona grew up in Petaluma, California. She’s my first love, my last and the one who got away. She’s an actor and a kleptomaniac. Even though I knew it was wrong – or maybe because of that – she stole my heart, when she danced with her friends to ‘My Sharona’ by The Knack. She was a glimpse in time, but she lasted forever." - Carl